Assistant Director of Fisheries, Meen Bhavan, Suri, Birbhum


Brief Description of activities performed: Birbhum is a district of semi potential character in respect of Fisheries point of view. The Western and Northern portion of ;the district falls in the laterite zone and soils full of stones and gravels and the rest portion are alluvial in neture. The Blocks like Nalhati-I, Rampurhat-I,Murarai-I, Md. Bazar, Rajnagar, Khayrasole etc. where soils are unproductive in nature. The rest are semi potential in nature. Soils here are a little acidic, average rainfall of the district is few inadequate. As such many tanks and ponds are seasonal in nature and culture are being done for 5to 6months. 

            Nevertheless, this district has vast water resources , like tanks, reservoirs, beels, rivers etc. Aquaculture is done by the fish farmers in tanks to manage their livelihood. Though there are five nos of reservoirs like Tilpara, Deucha, Baidhara, Hinglow and Bakreswar Dam which are mainly used for Irrigation purpose not for  Fisheries. Yet Fingerlings are liberated by Fisheries Deptt. in every year through Social Fisheries Scheme in these reservoirs. Aquaculture in the district creates a huge number of working days to the landless labourers specially to the fishermen. 

            This district has 13 (thirteen) nos. of private I.M.C. Hatcheries .They are producing spawn and supply the same to the fish farmers or the local areas. Yet there are crisis of spawn. About 65% demand is met up through Hatchery and 35% hatchery bred as well as revering seed are brought from neighboring districts. 

            Fish farmers of the district get training on improved methodology and conducting scientific fish culture in their ponds owned or leased. So demand of fish seed growing gradually. But this district has no fish feed plant to meet up the demand of the fish farmers. This may be met up through installation of fish feed plant . 

            A large number of schemes are now being implemented in the district as well as all along the state like departmental Scheme, FFDA, STCP, RKVY, NMPS , Social  Fishery etc for adequate fish production as well as to improve the economic condition of fish farmers. Nevertheless, there are huge place left out. Better infrastructural facilities, better communication, installation of more nos. of hatcheries, more training facilities , more financial support  are still necessary for achieving the target to improve the economic condition of the poor fish farmers of the district.

Fisheries Resource of Birbhum  



Total tanks- 21376.87 ha.

Total annual demand of table  fish – 67699 M.T

Vested (whole)-817.32 ha.

Total annual production of table fish-65092.803 M.T.

Vested (Partial)-425.04 ha.

Total annual demand of fish seed-

Private ownership-20134.51 ha.

Spawn- 800 Million

Culturable -14833.80 ha.

Fry-150 Million

Semi-derelict-4798.09 ha.

Fingerlings- 80 Million

Derelict-1744.98 ha.

Total annual production of fish seed-

Beel & Baor-632.16 ha.

Spawn- 600 Million

Reservoir-9416.53 ha.

Fry- 120 Million

River-795.63 ha.

Fingerling- 60 Million

Canal – 5696.85 ha.


Total fishermen -200747 nos.


Total Fishermen Families- 51350 nos.


Fishermen Co-operative Society - 40

 (Functioning-15 nos.)


Central fishermen Co-operative Society-1


Fish seed hatchery – 13 nos. (11 nos. Reg.)


Fish Production Group- 25 nos ( Functioning)




Organization Structure

 Citizen Centric Activities:

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Construction of 3346 no. Gitanjali Houses for poor fishers @ Rs. 162000/- per house in all blocks of this district.


Construction of Fishermen linked road about 25 km by spending about 7.5 crore through which lakhs of fishers and villagers have been running their day to day works


Construction of community hall at Md. Bazaar, Rapurahat-II and Murarai-I Dev. Block wherein thousands of fishers do their regular meet for meeting, social programmes and take shelter during floods etc.


Issuance of Identity cards  about 2959 nos to fishers for availing schematic benefits.


Providing Old Age Pension(OAPs) to 483 old and infirm fishers @ Rs. 1000/- p.m.


Developmental Activities:

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Introduction of cluster basis RKVY intensive pisciculture in selected areas in Bolpur and Nalhati-II Dev. Block. About 194 fishers and their families have been producing about 5-6 ton edible fish/ per /yr.


Pisciculture in tribal ponds. About 250 tribal have been producing IMC and Magur at their ponds at an optimum level after availing assistance fron this Department.


Integrated development of Beel Fisheries at Jhikadda, Mayureswar-I and Parkandi, Rampurhat-I among the PFCS and FPG respectively.


Development of social fisheries. Under the said scheme the indigenous fish species and IMC are being introduce in Beels, Rivers, Reservoirs, Local water bodies and individual ponds in sustainable manner to increase the production and for diversification & conservation of Species also. About 2 crores have been utilized during last two financial years behind the said scheme.


Birbhum FFDA is functioning since 1980 in all 19 Blocks. There are different bankable schemes under FFDA(IFP,STCP and NFDB) which have covered 8711 ha. of water areas. This Agency has provided subsidy of Rs.3.41 crore and training to 13762 no.  & 14384 No. fish farmers till date. 


Project Running :

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Construction of Block Laboratory cum training centres at All blocks of this district to facilitated soil and water analysis of the ponds of fish farmers. About 1 crore have been utilized for construction and commissioning of the same.


Construction of ornamental marketing out lets(3 out lets) at Meen Bhavan by spending about 6 lakhs. At present the people of the whole district are used to come to purchase ormental fishes, feeds, medicines and equipments etc. The out lets are running at full swing.

Success Stories

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Instruction/ Pre-requisite etc


Development of Beel fisheries at Jhikadda, Mayureswar-I & Parkandi, Rampurhat-I through formation of PFCS and FPG. Presently about 150 families are involved in pisiculture in those water bodies. During 2013-14 Rs. 23.5 lac have been utilized against each beel for their integrated development


Construction of ornamental marketing outlets at Meen Bhaban, Suri, Birbhum. Total Rs. 6 lac has been utilized for its construction.



Mr Supriya Chowdhury of vill-Simait, PO- Sian was a contractor, had little knowledge in aquaculture during 2013-14 he undergone district level fishery training and started fish production in large scale. He was provided one Demonstration Centre for high yielding fish production in his pond from Birbhum FFDA and wasachieving a production there @10MT /Ha/ Year during 2015-16. Now he has 22 ponds having 8 Ha water areas. He provides regular employment to 6-8 labourers, besides supply of huge quantity of fresh fish to market.


List of  Forms used by the citizen ( if any):

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Instruction/ Pre-requisite etc.


Application form of Identity Cards
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For obtaining ID cards


FFDA Application Form No-I

For cultural subsidized schemes


FFDA Application Form No-II

Details of the tank schedules


NFDB Application Form

For availing benefits under different schemes like small fish feed plants, construction of hatchery, renovation and culture in ponds etc.

Contact Details:

Assistant Director of Fisheries ,

Birbhum, Meen Bhawan, 

 Ph. No. 03462-255419

Chief Executive Officer ,

FFDA ,Birbhum, Meen Bhawan,

Suri, Birbhum

Ph. No.03462-255313