Mayureswar - II Panchayat Samity & Dev Block
Mayureswar-II Panchayat Samity

Structure of office administration of Mayureswar - II

General administration of Mayureswar - II Development Block is headed by the Block Development Officer. The Joint Block Development Officer is the 2nd in command and is assigned to take over the charges of Block Development Officer in his absence. The Jt. Block Development Officer in most cases play the role of DDO also. The Block setup is divided into number of sections.
The RD or establishment Setup which is headed by the Head clerk and assisted by the Cashier, Accounts clerk, Correspondence clerk.
The Block Panchayat setup which is generally headed by the Panchayat Development Officer(PDO) and the Panchayat Accounts & Audit Officer(PAAO). The 1st one is assigned to look after service matters and other administrative matters of GP employees. The other Officer is generally looks after financial management of GPs and also conducts Internal Audit of GPs. This setup has a clerk and a peon to assist in day to day work.
The Relief Dept is headed by the Block Disaster Management Officer, it has an UDA, a LDA. The main objective of this setup is to monitor proper distribution of relief materials and is mainly responsible to perform duties in case of emergency arise due to natural calamities.
To run the employment guarantee schemes (MGNREGS, this office has few staffs like APO, JPO, Social Audit Coordinator and two technical persons are there for smooth running of this setup.
The Welfare department has a Block Welfare Officer and is actually deals with welfare pension to destitute.
The election setup of this Block consists of an Election Clerk, the Block Dev Officer assigns any one competent officer to look after this cell and generally is called as OC election.
The women development section is headed by the WDO and she is assisted by two other Gram Sevikas. Normally they are assigned to look after matters related to SHGs.
To execute development matters of this block and various types of construction works under different sector like road, irrigation, building, drinking water, bridge, etc. there is an engineering setup which consists of four SAEs like SAE(RWP), SAE(RWS), SAE(AI), SAE(BP), some clerical hands and mechanics are also there to help them out.
Main function of an IDO i.e. Industrial Development Officer is to look after small scale industrial matters, a CI or Cooperative Inspector who is responsible to look after all co operatives within Block jurisdiction and an MWI or Minimum Wages Inspector deals with the matters related to unorganized labours

As per the provisions laid down in Panchayat act and administration rules the Savapati of panchayat samity, who is elected directly by the elected representative of panchayat samity, is the constitutional head of Panchayat Samity. The activities of Panchayat Samity are scattered among ten Sthayee samities, namely

1. Purta Karya O Paribahan
2. Artha Sanstha Unnayan O Parikalpana
3. Krishi Sech O Samabaya
4. Siksha Sanskriti, Tathya O Krira
5. Janaswastha O Paribesh
6. Kshudra Silpa Bidyut O Achiracharit Shakti
7. Ban O Bhumi Sanskar
8. Matsya O Prani Sampad Bikash
9. Sishu O Nari Unnayan, Janakalyan O Tran
10.Khadya Sarbaraha

The Savapati is empowered to fix plans for its various work area related to development, social security etc. with the help of Sahakari Savapati and the member of these Sthayee Samities
But the Administrative structure of Panchayat Samity is mainly headed by the Block Development Officer who also becomes the Executive Officer of Panchayat Samity,
The Executive Officer being the executive head is responsible to implement the plannings of Panchayat Samity, and in doing this he is assisted by the employees of Panchayat Samity as well by any other Govt Officials of which service is required.
Panchayat Samity setup is headed by the Executive Officer as well the Jt BDO becomes the Jt Executive Officer, the PDO is the Secretary, the Head Clerk is the Accountant. There is a Deputy Secretary to assist the the Executive Officer in impleting various programmes and perform duties of secretary in his absence. The Establishment setup is divided among one UDA, one Cashier, one Accounts clerk, one LDA. Apart from this the Samity has a Management Information System which is generally utilized for computerization of data and yields information related to activities of Panchayat Samity. The cell is headed by one Block Informatics Officer (BIO) and one Data Entry Operator is also attached with the cell to assist him.